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Rats & Mice

We offer a range of different methods to deal with rats and mice. These always start with a thorough inspection of the site to identify what the problem is and where it is coming from. Then we look at the environment to see why they are there. Do they have a readily available food source? What conditions are they dealing with? Can we change anything within the surrounding environment which will remove or secure food sources? Can we block the access routes used by the vermin? We always aim to solve a problem without the use of toxins however this can only be achieved with the full co-operation of the client. We will only ever use rodenticide where control cannot be achieved using other methods such as proofing or trapping.

Rattus norvegicus: Brown rat, sewer rat, Norway rat, common rat

Rattus rattus: Ship rat, Roof rat, Black rat

Mus domesticus: The house mouse