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With one of our IPMS (integrated pest management systems) we can offer services from one end of the scale to the other. From a basic set up consisting of set visits using monitoring techniques and fly killer service to frequent intense inspections and data tracking system that records trends and offers an insight as to what the best methods of control and prevention are. Essentially saving the customer substantial amounts of money in the long term.

An IPM is a mixture of physical, biological and chemical methods to gain good control. The first step is always the survey. This is critical to figure out what if any pests are present and also to asses and be able to offer advice about issues or areas that may attract pests on site. Some problems can be solved by simply moving a bin or keeping the lid on them. Other problems will require either further inspection or complex and time consuming process’s which need to be carried out during non operating hours. And all of this requires co-operation with and from the client. With that we can provide long term and very reasonably priced solutions for almost any business, persons or institute.